Karl Auerbach

Karl Auerbach

CTO of InterWorking Labs (iwl.com)

More on SDN Complexity and Reality

SDN:  Software Defined Networks

SDN Complexity and Reality” by Russ White and Shawn Zandi, was published on page 31 of The Internet Protocol Journal, November 2016 (Volume 19, Number 3).  You can download ipj19-3.pdf at http://ipj.dreamhosters.com/.

In the article, White and Zandi, examine the original three crucial elements to the SDN story:

First, SDNs were supposed to remove the intelligence from the distributed control planes and consolidate that intelligence in a centralized controller.

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Waveforms in KMAX

Real network conditions are rarely static.  Real life networks suffer transient conditions – congestion builds up and dissipates, tree branches wave in the wind across radio links, long distance routing paths change, VoIP call trunks are filled with more calls during working hours than during the evening.  Even something as small as a person standing near a wi-fi access point can change the carrying capacity of a network.

KMAX (and our Maxwell Pro) can emulate these kinds of changes.

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ESP8266/NodeMCU TCP Test Reveals Issues

The ESP8266 is very popular among the maker set as a platform for experimentation in the realm of Internet of Things (IoT).

We have been playing around with the ESP8622 micro-controller running NodeMCU.  We’ve been loading simple LUA programs onto the ESP8266 to get familiar with its capabilities.

Now that we’re reasonably familiar with its capabilities, it’s time we put ESP8266/NodeMCU to test.
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